The Best DIY New Home Gifts

Upcycling & DIY

by Peggy McGinley 833 Views 0

Some of the best gifts are the ones made by you. Not only does this offer the chance to completely tailor your gift to the recipient and their taste, it can often be a little cheaper than buying generic homeware gifts on the highstreet. When certain trends pick up, shops catch up and often charge exorbitant prices. If you have a housewarming coming up, or you are looking to create something special for your own home, keep reading on top tips for the best DIY and upcycled new home gifts.

Homemade Infused Oils

Create something beautifully tasteful and useful for your friends and for yourself. Making infused oils in your own kitchen is incredibly simple and straightforward. Decide on your flavours, such as rosemary or chilli, and then get set to work. You will need to have glass bottles nearby, clean and ready to be used. Put rosemary twigs or chilli flakes into the glass bottle before you heat the oil. Be careful not to boil the oil as this can change the flavour. Try to use a good quality olive oil for the best results. Simply pour the warm into your glass bottle and close the bottle. Easy, delicious, personal and inexpensive!

Decorated or Painted Vases

Create your own beautiful vases by painting or decorating boring glass or ceramic vases. Score some cheap vases in a discount shop and take them home to make masterpieces. You can use spray paint, washi tape, lace or anything else that you think will make a great decoration. You could even glue a little piece of ribbon or hessian wrap to a vase for a rustic look. Combine your handmade gift with luxury flowers to make it a truly stunning new home gift. You can either gift the vase at the party and have luxury flowers delivered with a company like Bloom Magic, or have the flowers delivered first and then bring your homemade vase as a two-part gift.

Housewarming Gift Basket

Arrange a warm welcome by making your very own gift basket. By creating your own you can tailor the items to suit your friends and their taste. For big movie buffs, you could create a popcorn basket with a giftcard for a streaming service so they can watch their all-time favourite movies. Include a variety of high-quality popcorn and unusual movie snacks for them to enjoy. If they are into cooking, tailor it to suit their favourite cuisine. Make an Italian, Greek or Asian gift basket bursting with delicious ingredients. Alternatively, if your friends are still in the middle of renovations, make it a gift basket full of useful supplies like picture hooks, cleaning supplies and delicious treats for when they need a break.