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by Peggy McGinley - 1 year ago

The Best DIY New Home Gifts

Some of the best gifts are the ones made by you. Not only does this offer the chance to completely tailor your gift to the recipient and their taste, it can often be a little cheaper than buying generic homeware gifts on the highstreet. When certain...

by Peggy McGinley - 1 year ago

Grain sack striped farmhouse tote used 3 ways

My friends, I had one fun weekend! And I do believe it helped activate my love of junk again! It’s been awhile. Sunday was actually my birthday. So I head out without a real destination, and ended up antique / junk shopping! Full intentions to sh...

by Peggy McGinley - 1 year ago

Lidded crate office desk with pipe Open sign

I think I’m going to call this lidded crate my lucky lidded crate. It’s come in so handy and useful for so many projects over the years! And apparently, counting. You may remember it as part of a storage wall gallery. Then it became a garden-them...