Golden Dreams and Pastel Shades Come to Life

Interior Design

by Peggy McGinley 629 Views 0

elegantly designed Parisian apartment by Crosby Studios

This elegantly designed home by Crosby Studios, is much like a pink palace sheathed in luxurious textures framed in precious metals with art deco styled highlights. The architect of this dazzling interior is Harry Nuriev, a creative professional who also produces custom furniture and art objects. One of the most obvious aspects of this interior design arrangement is the utilization of various textures and colors. Plush tactile fabrics like velvet are combined with sparkling metal. Pastel hues are contrasted with rich shades. The affect is vibrant and stimulating. 

In fact, velvet seems to be making a resurgence. It’s also a great fabric for limited budgets. Give your home an opulent ambiance on the cheap with accent pillows for example. Another positive aspect of plush materials like velvet is that they reflect light. It’s perfect for rooms primarily occupied during the evening hours like a bedroom or living. Add soft lighting and you have an atmosphere made in paradise.!

The mauve hued bathroom, complemented by black fixtures, appears almost dreamlike. The two colors together create an art deco feel. The accoutrements are simple and practical while the marble floor expands the space.

elegantly designed Parisian apartment by Crosby Studios 2

Amethyst colored tall slender doors with gold handles swathed in velvet are majestic. The doorway leads to a cooking and dining space. The area is aesthetic with fine wall art and art deco type suspended lighting. Tall French widows allows natural light to illuminate the space creating a simplistic yet progressive atmosphere with futuristic styled appliances, storage, and counter space. What’s more, the herringbone parquet floors with contrasting stark white walls are magnificent and succeeds in sustaining the sophisticated appeal of the resident’s layout.